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As you’re aware, data is more than just numbers – it’s business value waiting to be discovered. And the data you use to unlock that value needs to be trusted and reliable.

Whether a business analyst or data scientist, you’re solving problems and creating opportunities, 但是时间有限, you need to spend it collaboratively generating and sharing data-driven insights -- not on repetitive, time consuming tasks like data entry or writing code.

With the right tools you have the power to unlock your data, 避免容易出错的数据转换, remove complexity and accelerate your analysis to increase your business’ ability to answer more questions and realize a faster time-to-value using all your data.



数据和业务分析师: Our no coding data transformation and machine learning solutions mean you can use analytics to assess business operations, understand new requirements and deliver data driven recommendations to business teams. Automated processes mean individual and team-based projects driven by data can deliver value faster as focus is spent on insight discovery, not on completing time-consuming data management tasks. Results from analytics are easy to understand and easy to share across the organization.

数据科学家: Your time is valuable, and in high demand. 花时间构建模型原型, not on time consuming tasks such as data access, data transformation and feature engineering, 或模型测试. Build and deploy prescriptive strategies using advanced ML algorithms such as deep learning. Automatic error free code generation means you can quickly and efficiently build workflows including complex models using an interactive interface and put them into existing analytic applications written in R, Python, 情景应用程序, PMML, 或其他语言.

数据工程师: Do not let existing IT and legacy infrastructures stand in your way as you architect a data pipeline that centrally organizes the collection and storage of information. 数据是否结构化, 非结构化, or is data being streamed in real time from edge devices, build out your storage environment as you see best. Our platform integrates with 大数据 and cloud solutions, and with databases to data warehouses. Enable your organization to use many sources of data, regardless of their formats. Centralize where trusted data sets can be found and govern who can access them for use in analytic projects.

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Package an entire workflow that includes data transformation and machine learning modeling as a single deployment package. Repurpose elements of existing workflows as you build new models. 从数据访问到特性工程, 测试和训练分析模型, 从模型评分到部署, a single tool with easy-to-use pre-configured tasks allows people of all skills to solve for complex problems using data analytics.

Whether you specialize in credit risk mitigation, 金融诈骗, 产品生命周期管理, or marketing analytics (to name a few areas of expertise), Altair ensures that a single source of truth is used for accurate and collaborative analysis and reporting.



Use data at rest or data-in-motion to answer tough questions and solve for complex problems. Transform difficult and messy data into trusted, accurate, and governed data. Collaboratively work with business and analytic teams in a centralized environment, removing data silos and avoiding duplicate work.

Altair 数据分析: Scalable, extensible, trusted, open – for all data types

  • 数据准备:自动收集数据, 数据清理, and data transformation tasks and use that data to make the right decisions.

  • 数据分析和机器学习: Leverage advanced machine learning and AI to understand what is impacting your business. Rapidly visualize the data that will influence decisions making.

  • 流处理和可视化: Visualize real-time operational performance, 立即发现异常, 趋势, and clusters in real-time data streams and time series data.



Experience the difference of Altair 数据分析 offerings. 功能齐全的, limited term licenses are available for you to explore how Altair can transform your business.

Connect to and transform disparate data for use in predictive analytics and machine learning. Combine historical and real-time data to make well informed decisions from all of your data.


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