数据分析 & AI


数据不同于组织拥有的任何其他资产. It never wears out, it never drains, 和 it can be used repeatedly. But the value in data is not in having it, it’s in how you use it. Altair enables data-driven enterprises by providing teams the power to use data analytics 和 AI to gain competitive advantages 和 drive next-level business results.





以便更好地理解您的流程, 客户, 和产品, your team must collaboratively generate 和 share data-driven insights across the organization. Our solutions are designed for many different skill sets: from data scientists 和 engineers to MLOps specialists to business analysts to executives. 与一个没有代码, 云计算接口, we deliver the powerful capabilities organizations need to harness the full power of data analytics 和 AI throughout the complete data pipeline.

Altair 数据分析 enables organizations to operationalize data analytics 和 AI with secure, 治理, 和可伸缩的策略.



人工智能和机器学习领域的进展, 结合增加的可用性的鲁棒模拟, 测试, 和 field data sets has made 工程 data science a critical component of the modern product development lifecycle. Computer-aided 工程 (CAE) augmented by AI is offering manufacturers the ability to discover ML-guided insights, explore new solutions to complex design problems through physics 和 AI-driven workflows, 和 achieve greater product innovation through collaboration 和 design convergence.



An industry leader with more than 30 years of experience in data discovery 和 transformation, Altair offers the fastest 和 easiest way to extract data from difficult, 像pdf这样的半结构化数据, 电子表格和文本文件, 以及大数据和其他结构化来源. 数据是在本地还是在云中, Altair can automate preparation tasks 和 transform your data into accurate 和 clean datasets in seconds – rather than hours or days – freeing you up to spend time on value-add activities, 不平凡的, 重复性和容易出错的任务.



Altair’s machine learning 和 AI solutions quickly get to the granular, low-latency data that contain the insights you are trying to uncover. Delivering transparency 和 automation with features such as AutoML 和 Explainable AI, we streamline model building so more time can be spent analyzing 和 results can be trusted. Our flexible no-code approach doesn’t restrict how models are configured 和 tuned, 让你控制模型的建立. 与我们的支持流行, 开源语言和引擎, you can integrate new models built using Altair into your existing analytics infrastructure.



发现异常, 实时数据在几秒内的趋势和异常值, 并使用rich在整个组织中共享结果, 强大的仪表盘. Our stream 过程ing 和 data visualization solutions are built for people who need to make fast, fully informed decisions based on massive amounts of fast-changing telemetry, 传感器和交易数据.




Learn the 过程 和 findings behind how Altair's data analytics products were used to investigate (和 predict) the adoption level of electric vehicles in the U.S.




Financial fraud takes countless forms 和 involves many different aspects of business including; insurance 和 government benefit claims, 零售回报, 信用卡购买, 漏报税务资料, 以及抵押贷款和消费贷款申请.


Harnessing the Power of 大数据, AI 和 Simulation to Accelerate Product Innovation

In a world where everything is becoming more 和 more connected, 人工养殖珍珠, 家电行业的领导者, 利用大数据的收敛性, 分析和模拟加速创新. 马丁·奥尔特加, 人工养殖珍珠高级设计工程师, 解释了他们如何使用OPE电子的人工智能, 数据分析和模拟解决方案揭示洞察力, 创造新的商机, 推进产品开发. Learn more - click here to read how connected products deliver big ROI.



The Electric Storage 公司 is a Northern Irel和-based firm that manages electric power in households from renewable sources using battery storage 和 物联网 (IoT) technologies. 该公司在家庭和社区安装智能电池, along with sophisticated management software that lets homeowners sell excess energy back to grid operators when prices are high 和 helps them maintain the lowest possible energy input costs. Managing varieties of base load 和 intermittent renewable power sources requires the ability to ingest, 过程, 和 analyze high frequency information emanating from 网格 和 thous和s of devices. 该公司需要实时了解能源市场, 网格, 电池系统, 和发电设施, 以及客户级的电力消费模式. Underst和ing consumption 和 generation trends optimizes power routing 和 battery storage 和 ensures that power sold back to 网格 or on the open market is fetching the best possible price.



Serba Dinamik is an 工程 company specializing in operations 和 maintenance (O&M), 工程, 采购, 建造及调试(EPCC), 以及能源勘探和生产企业的IT解决方案. Their team worked with Altair to develop a Smart Predictive Maintenance Data System (SPMDS) utilizing Knowledge Studio 和 Panopticon. Maintenance crews use Panopticon-powered dashboards built into SPMDS to monitor every sensor mounted on operating turbines in real time. AI models built with Knowledge Studio identify potential failures or issues that require 工程 attention, 和, 基于这种理解, 只在必要的时候把涡轮机脱机.